Illustrated Pediatric Dentistry - Part 3

Vaccination in Children/Caries Vaccine

Author(s): Nilima Thosar*, Shailja Chatterjee and Priyanka Bhaje

Pp: 367-388 (22)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815080803123030022

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Vaccination is an important measure that is undertaken to provide an individual with acquired immunity against a variety of diseases which may result in significant morbidity and sometimes, may even result in mortality. The vaccination program undertaken by Government has helped in containing many diseases which were responsible for many fatalities in the past. Like any other branch of science, vaccines are also evolving with continuous advancements in their mode of synthesis as well as the method of delivery.
Even though various approaches to caries prevention are available, dental caries is still considered to be an irreversible, and a prevalent disease among humans mankind. Mutans streptococci are responsible for such activity. Biofilm is formed on the tooth surface due to everyday diet consumption followed by the role of mutans streptococci through the entry into biofilm on the tooth surface. Most treatment options or medications work for the disposal or destruction of this microorganism. The concept of immunization can be the alternative that works on either inactive or passive grounds. Certain molecular determinants of mutans streptococci are studied and considered for caries formation. Therefore, their use in the preparation of the caries vaccine is widely researched.

Keywords: Advancements, Caries Vaccine, Immunization, Mutans Streptococci, Vaccine.

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