Illustrated Pediatric Dentistry - Part 3

Sports Related Dental Injuries

Author(s): Rishika Choudhary*, Harsimran Kaur and Ramakrishna Yeluri

Pp: 256-273 (18)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815080803123030016

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Sports dentistry is an emerging section of dentistry. All sports-associated persons must have knowledge about injuries during all sports-related events. Since the very beginning, it has been known that participation in sports carries an extensive risk of sustaining dental injuries, with the increased popularity of sports like contact sports, semi-contact sports, and more support for children to participate at an early age. Dental injuries have become one of the most recurrent types of orofacial injuries that may occur during involvement in various sports activities and have a high rate of incidence between sports-related injuries normally during school physical education classes and club activities. The commonest orofacial injuries involve both soft tissue and hard tissue injury i.e.: facial bones, tooth intrusions, luxation, crown and root fractures, complete avulsions, and Dento-facial fractures. Prevention is of utmost importance to aesthetics for reducing the psychological and economic consequences of traumatic injuries. The most substantial feature in averting sports-related orofacial injuries is wearing protective devices like face masks, mouth guards, and helmets. The use of these protective devices by athletes has been shown to provide an effective safeguard against suffering.

Keywords: Mouthguard, Sports Dentistry, Sports Injuries.

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