Illustrated Pediatric Dentistry - Part 3

Crown in Pediatric Dentistry

Author(s): Anil Patil*, Prathamesh P. Nikam and Dhanashree Sakhare

Pp: 1-30 (30)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815080803123030006

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The basis for safe permanent teeth in infants and teens is laid during the first years of childhood. Several studies have linked dental caries in children to insufficient diet, unhealthy eating habits, and insufficient toothbrushing habits during the first two years of childhood. The emergence of caries in primary teeth increases the chance of developing caries in permanent teeth. Once a tooth has decayed in young children, the paediatric dentist plays a crucial role to return the tooth to its full functioning potential. The technical advancements in dental products utilized in children over the last few decades are a necessary prerequisite because what was acceptable in the past is not necessarily the safest way to treat young patients nowadays. Several alternatives exist to restore carious teeth in paediatric patients, ranging from stainless steel crowns to aesthetic crowns such as strip crowns and zirconium crowns, which are gaining popularity. This chapter contains a description of the crowns in paediatric dentistry.

Keywords: Stainless steel crowns, Open-faced stainless-steel crown, Polycarbonate, Strip crowns, Pedo jacket, new millennium, Cheng crowns, Kinder crowns, Nu-smile, Dura- crown, Pedo pearls, Zirconia crowns.

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