Solid State & Microelectronics Technology

Fundamentals of p – n Junction

Author(s): Sunipa Roy*, Chandan Kumar Ghosh*, Sayan Dey* and Abhijit Kumar Pal * .

Pp: 59-90 (32)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815079876123010003

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


 In this chapter, fundamentals of the p – n junction, electric field across the junction, equilibrium carrier concentration on each side, etc., have been briefly discussed. Expression of built-in potential in terms of carrier density has been derived. Magnitudes of the current under zero, forward, and reverse biased conditions have been calculated. Unlike a resistor, p – n junction corresponds to static, dynamic and average ac resistance, and they have been briefly discussed here along with protocol to examine their values. These p – n junctions also exhibit capacitance, namely transition capacitance and diffusion capacitance. Herein, these parameters and their relevance in current-voltage characteristics of p – n junction and applicational aspects have been elaborated. 

Keywords: p – n junction, Biasing, capacitance, Built-in-potential, Graded region.

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