Graphene-based Carbocatalysts: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

Introduction to Carbocatalysis

Author(s): Pinki Bala Punjabi* and Sharoni Gupta

Pp: 1-42 (42)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050899123010005

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Carbocatalysis has emerged as a promising field of catalysis. The exceptional surface morphology, pore distribution, thermal conductivity, chemical inertness, electrical property and renewability of carbon materials have rendered them suitable for various catalytic processes namely, photocatalysis, electrocatalysis, biocatalysis and chemical catalysis. Therefore, the introductory chapter on carbocatalysis describes the useful properties of carbonaceous materials which govern their catalytic behaviour. Moreover, synthetic approaches for the fabrication of diverse carbon polymorphs such as active carbon, graphite, fullerene, glassy carbon, carbon black, carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibres, nanodiamonds, carbon nano-onions, and graphene have also been briefly discussed in this chapter. The scope of carbocatalysts over broad areas has also been elucidated by quoting instances. 

Keywords: Carbocatalysis, Electrical Properties, Surface Properties, Sustainability, Synthesis, Thermal Conductivity.

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