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Design and Comparison Of Deep Learning Architecture For Image-based Detection of Plant Diseases

Author(s): Makarand Upadhyaya*, Naveen Nagendrappa Malvade, Arvind Kumar Shukla, Ranjan Walia and K Nirmala Devi

Pp: 222-239 (18)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815136531123010017

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 Agriculture provides a living for half of India's people. The infection in crops poses a danger to food security, but quick detection is hard due to a lack of facilities. Nowadays, Deep learning will automatically diagnose plant diseases from raw image data. It assists the farmer in determining plant health, increasing productivity, deciding whether pesticides are necessary, and so on. The potato leaf is used in this study for analysis. Among the most devastating crop diseases is potato leaf blight, which reduces the quantity and quality of potato yields, significantly influencing both farmers and the agricultural industry as a whole. Potato leaves taken in the research contain three categories, such as healthy, early blight, and late blight. Convolution Neural Network (CNN), and Convolution Neural Network- Long Short Term Memory(CNN-LSTM) are two neural network models employed to classify plant diseases. Various performance evaluation approaches are utilized to determine the best model.

Keywords: Accuracy, Blight, CNN, Loss, LSTM.

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