Digital Transformation in Education: Emerging Markets and Opportunities

Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Online/Blended Teaching-Learning

Author(s): Mohammed Majeed * .

Pp: 98-117 (20)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815124750123010010

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


There is an increasing number of academics supporting the increased use of digital technologies in teaching and learning. The purpose of the chapter is to identify the challenges and opportunities associated with online/blended teaching learning in a pure educational setting. We identify many opportunities that will sustain BL globally. These opportunities include student participation, a rise in students’ interest, flexibility, repetitive learning, increased reach, fun, critical thinking, effective use of instructors' time, a personal approach, a tailored training experience, educating future generations of children, improved communication, better-utilizing classes, giving students autonomy, a cost-effective approach, instilling a self-supporting mindset, and the chance to collect data. It also identified several challenges, such as technology investment/cost, working knowledge of the current technology, expensive software, and cognitive burden. It was concluded that BL offers a way to combine online learning's innovative and technological improvements with the engagement and involvement that comes with a traditional classroom setting. To maintain a good momentum in studying a digital world, educators and students need technological support. It is recommended that the integrated Moodle learning management system may be used to build an understanding of technologies in a more holistic and embodied way.

Keywords: Blended, Education, Face-to-face, Learning, Online, Opportunities, Teaching, Technology.

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