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Renewable Energy Generation Using a Novel Geothermal-Solar Hybrid Power Plant Using RORC

Author(s): K. C. Ramya*, S. Sheeba Rani, S. Sivaranjani and R. Vinoth Kumar

Pp: 1-31 (31)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815051216123010003

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A recent survey of energy consumption indicates that there has been exponential growth in the need for renewable energy and also for curbing the growth of fossil fuel reserves. To meet this future need, renewable energy sources are being explored. In this paper, we have proposed a Recuperative Organic Rankine Cycle that operates in conjunction with air-cooled condensers. Solar energy is said to be an energy source that varies periodically, unlike geothermal energy which is available round the clock, to generate electricity continuously. Hence it is a highly recommended source to meet the growing demands for electricity globally. A major contribution to geothermal power development is the progress in Organic Rankine Cycles. These plants are best known for their ability to curb harmful gas emissions, especially that of noncondensable gases. There is a significant growth in geothermal power owing to the ORC (Organic Ranking Cycle) power units that are implemented. In this methodology, the working fluid of ORC is made to go through an evaporator where a hot turbine is used to heat the liquid. In this process, the temperature of the preheated liquid is further increased with the aid of solar energy. This heat generated thus is further converted into electricity when the turbine unit causes the expansion of the fluid. Finally, an aircooled condenser is used to condense the final exhaust of the turbine. Combining the two powerful forms of renewable energy (solar and geothermal), it is possible to generate power in such a way that the need for power begins to drop from its peak that it has achieved already. The simulated results define the decline in energy consumption of condensers based on the minimum heat transfer area of the condenser as well as the minimum power consumption of the fans.

Keywords: Duct curve, Geothermal-solar power generation, Hybrid power plant, Renewable energy, Recuperative Organic Ranking Cycle.

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