Recent Trends and Innovations in Sustainable Treatment Technologies for Heavy Metals, Dyes and Other Xenobiotics

Bottlenecks in Sustainable Treatment of Wastewaters Using Physico-Chemical Processes and Future Prospects

Author(s): Nibedita Mahata*, Biswanath Bhunia, Muthusivaramapandian Muthuraj and Ramesh Kumar

Pp: 175-190 (16)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049725122010010

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This chapter covers bottlenecks in various sustainable physio-chemical processes including membrane filtration, activated carbon filtration, adsorption, advanced oxidation processes, dissolved air floatation, coagulation-flocculation and sedimentation, and electrocoagulation process for removing heavy metal ions, dyes, and xenobiotics from the aquatic environment. The approach taken in this chapter is to give a quick overview of each phase before focusing on the bottlenecks that these processes face when it comes to removing metal ions and organic matter from wastewater. Performance, cost, and sustainability criteria for sustainable wastewater treatment technologies are also covered in this chapter for each process. 

Keywords: Bottlenecks, Economic feasibility, Physico-chemical process, Resource recovery, Sustainability.

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