Recent Trends and Innovations in Sustainable Treatment Technologies for Heavy Metals, Dyes and Other Xenobiotics

High Gravity Technology for Improving Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment Processes

Author(s): Sudhanya Karmakar, Avijit Bhowal*, Papita Das and Abhijit Mondal

Pp: 18-44 (27)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049725122010005

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Conventional technologies such as stripping, liquid-liquid extraction, chemical precipitation, adsorption, and the advanced oxidation process among others have been applied for the treatment of wastewater. The imposition of stricter regulations on discharge limits has led to a search for novel technologies to make the conventional wastewater treatment technologies efficient and cost-effective. High gravity technology uses centrifugal force to create artificial gravity which is hundreds of times the terrestrial gravitational force. Equipment working in high gravity environment intensifies the rate of mass transfer, micromixing and allows a higher amount of fluid to flow through the devices. The usefulness of high gravity technology for enhancing the performance of wastewater treatment processes has been discussed. 

Keywords: Air stripping, HIGEE, Liquid-liquid Extraction, Micromixing, Reactors.

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