Scientific Philosophy and Principles in Medicine

Medicine History “For Countries' Political History, for Humanity, Science History has Importance”

Author(s): Zekâi Şen

Pp: 68-105 (38)

Doi: 10.2174/9789815050806122010005

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The history of medicine shows that medical sciences are historically intertwined with different civilizations according to advice on linguistical forms and written books. The first medical treatments were based on superstitions that had been overturned by principles of rationality for the past 2500 years. For example, several medical treatments were based on amulets, totem symbols and tattoos, originally thought to drive away evil spirits from the sick body. The history of medicine offers visions of the evolution of medical treatments. In this chapter, all civilizations and their leading medical philosophers and recommendations are coherently explained in a harmonious manner so that the reader can understand centuries of valid and invalid disease treatment procedures and better alternatives.

Keywords: Ancient Egypt, Avicenna, Civilizations, Islam, Medicine History, Mesopotamia, Old Greek.

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