Emerging Technologies and Applications for a Smart and Sustainable World

Evaluation of the Application Potential of Metamaterial-based Antennas for Intelligent Street Lighting Systems

Author(s): Julia Wack, Kim Ho Yeap*, Zi Xin Oh and Humaira Nisar

Pp: 175-210 (36)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815036244122010012

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In this chapter, metamaterials and their properties in the application of antenna designs are discussed. Although metamaterials offer great benefits in diverse areas, this work emphasizes their implementation in the development of smart cities. The world faces challenges ensued to environmental problems, population growth, and other current dynamics. New technologies are required to present solutions for cities to be organised efficiently and effectively while also supporting the environment by pursuing higher sustainability. Intelligent street lighting systems are one out of the several approaches that offer promising development opportunities. Intelligent street lights have already been implemented in some cities, with positive outcomes in terms of energy savings, reduced traffic, improved infrastructure, and supply, etc. The different concrete goals of a smart city and intelligent streetlight concepts were discussed, and the research on metamaterials was accordingly adapted. At the current state of technology, there are no metamaterial antennas on the market that are directly declared to be suitable for the installation of intelligent streetlights. However, due to the great advantages of metamaterial antennas, it would be worthwhile to look into ways to improve the functionalities of intelligent streetlights using these antennas. In this chapter, the suitability of metamaterial antennas implemented in streetlights is studied. Some existing planar antennas were enhanced by incorporating metamaterials into them. The analysis shows that the radiation performances of the enhanced antennas are significantly improved. Therefore, metamaterial antennas have the potential of being applied in a broad range of applications, including intelligent streetlights. 

Keywords: Antennas, Complementary-split-ring resonators, Intelligent street lightings, Metamaterials, Split-ring resonators.

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