Emerging Water Pollutants: Concerns and Remediation Technologies

Emerging Water Pollutants from Food and Packaging Industry

Author(s): Muhammad Ashar Ayub, Muhammad Zia ur Rehman*, Muhammad Umair, Sana Rana, Zahoor Ahmad, Nimra Khalid, Hafiza Salma and Husnain Zia

Pp: 53-76 (24)

DOI: 10.2174/97897815040739122010005

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Rapid industrialization and continuous mechanization of the food industry have increased waste production which is a source of various kinds of contaminants especially emerging water pollutants (EWPs). The industry of food (agriculture and processed food) and packaging industry are major sources of these emerging pollutants. Agrochemicals are also a source of pollutants which are contaminating the food chain and underground water. The dairy and meat industries are source of excess antibiotics, lactating hormones, medicines (via exudates and effluents), animal fats, acids, sludge, organic compounds and persisting chemicals in meat and milk. The food processing industry can also contribute various pollutants, like dyes, preservatives, sanitizing and disinfecting agents, as well as alcoholic and phenolic residues from the beverage and wine industries.The food packaging industry is also a major source of food preservatives, dyes, glue, and non-recyclable/one-time-use materials (plastic and polystyrene), which can be broken down into micro/nano plastics leading their way to water reserves and ultimately to the human food chain. Effluents of the food and packaging industry are rich in organic material and can support the growth of various pathogenic bacteria and fungi which can become a source of EWPs and can compromise human health that’s why comprehensive information about these pollutants is needed. Keeping in mind all of these aspects present draft is compiled. This chapter covers various aspects of emerging water pollutants released from foodrelevant industries.

Keywords: Emerging pollutants, Water pollution, Food industry waste, Packaging industry waste, Plastic waste, Wastewater treatment, Environmental remediation.

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