Artificial Intelligence Based Cancer Nanomedicine: Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Bioethics

Artificial Intelligence as a Putative Tool for Newer Drug Development Approach in Cancer Nanomedicine

Author(s): Pooja Jain, Sradhanjali Mohapatra, Nazia Hassan, Manvi Singh, Uzma Farooq, Mohd. Aamir Mirza and Zeenat Iqbal *

Pp: 53-68 (16)

Doi: 10.2174/9789815050561122010009

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The growing interest of researchers in artificial intelligence has unvealed its potential applications in disease diagnosis, health monitoring, medical data management, personalised medicine, and drug development. Artificial intelligence and its related technology appear as a promising approach to treat the deadly disease of cancer. Despite the enormous advancement in cancer research, the mortality rate is still very high. Nanomedicine has played a vital role in cancer treatment, and the introduction of artificial intelligence-related technology in nanomedicine increases the hope of advanced cancer treatment and management. Artificial intelligence-enabled nanofabrication techniques, along with a thorough understanding of cancer biology, would enable selective anticancer drug targeting. Altogether, it can be stated that artificial intelligence-based nanomedicine will act as a bridge between translational research and effective clinical outcomes.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Artificial neural networks, Cancer nanomedicines, Computational modelling, Precision medicine.

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