Advances in Sampling Theory-Ratio Method of Estimation

Ratio Estimators For The Population Variance In The Simple Random Sampling

Author(s): Hulya Cingi and Cem Kadilar

Pp: 21-38 (18)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805012310901010021

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The estimation of the population variance from a sample is also a popular topic for Statisticians as the estimation of the population mean. Therefore, in Chapter 2, the estimators on this topic such as Hirano, Isaki, Prasad – Singh, and Garcia – Cebrain are examined in detail deriving the MSE equations of these estimators. In these derivations, it is worth mentioning that the variance and the covariance functions for estimators of the population variance are very complicated so in this chapter these functions are explained in a clear way to understand how to get the MSE equations. The efficiency conditions for these estimators are also obtained and the application supports these theoretical findings.

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