Advances in Sampling Theory-Ratio Method of Estimation

Ratio Estimators For The Population Mean In The Simple Random Sampling

Author(s): Hulya Cingi and Cem Kadilar

Pp: 1-20 (20)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805012310901010001

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Statisticians have proposed efficient estimators for the population parameters for last 5 decades. The concept of “efficient” is a vital key word for an estimator and it depends on the “Mean Square Error (MSE)”. Therefore, the fundamentals of the MSE in Statistics should be known exactly. For this reason, Chapter 1 discusses the basic formula of the MSE and explains how to apply this formula to the estimators in Sampling Theory to find the approximate MSE equations for these estimators. For this illustration, The Classical Ratio Estimator, Searls Estimator, Prasad Estimator, Sisodia – Dwivedi Estimator, Singh – Kakran Estimator and Upadhyaya – Singh Estimator are used. Obtaining the MSE equations, the efficiencies of these estimators are also compared in theory and in applications.

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