Fundamentals of Educational Technology

Technology and Media

Author(s): Shareef M. Shareef and Vinnaras Nithyanantham

Pp: 98-125 (28)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815039832122010008

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Information and communication technology has a vast influence on
education, but it also has implications for the expert development of teachers. On the
other hand, the media also has a huge impact on education, which are the channels of
conveying information to learners and are also those devices and machines needed to
transmit information to learners such as; prints, graphics, animations, audio, and audiovisuals.
This chapter investigates the significance of educational media and multimedia
technology for active service delivery in teaching and learning processes. It also
clarifies the various types of educational media and multimedia technology with a clear
explanation. In addition, it shows the functions of Mass Media/social media and the
effect of social media in the teaching and learning process.

Keywords: Audio Visual, Digital Audio, Digital Video, Distance Education, EIncandescent, Educational Programs, Entertainment, Instructional Education, Instructional Media, Instructional Technology, Instructional TV, Magic Lantern, Optomechanical, Physical Distance, Rear Projection, Social Impact, Stenographer, Traditional Broadcast, Transparency, Wireless Technology.

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