Nanocomposite Materials for Sensors

Bimetallic-Carbon Based Composites for Electrochemical Sensors

Author(s): S. Keerthana, A. Rajapriya and N. Ponpandian * .

Pp: 30-44 (15)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050981122020005

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The robust, sensitive, and selective finding of various biomolecules and environmental factors by potential nanostructures holds much promise for accurate electrochemical sensors. However, to be competitive, present electrochemical sensor technologies need noteworthy developments, particularly in specificity output rate, and long-lasting steadiness in complex biological environments. Bimetallic carbon nanocomposites are newly emerging materials with fascinating physicochemical properties and are very prospective in the innovative point-of-care study of various healthcare issues. Particularly, the multidimensionality of bimetallic carbon composites and their structural, optical, electronic, and electrocatalytic properties are suitable for the design of various electrochemical sensing devices. This chapter summarizes the sensing applications of bimetallic @C and its modern advances in the detection of different analytes. The chapter begins with a brief introduction to the advancement of bimetallic @C based electrochemical sensors followed by the discussion of the structure and properties of the bimetallic @C nanocomposites. We also discuss in detail the utilization of these bimetallic @C nanocomposites with graphene, MWCNTs, CQDs, and g-C3N4 for their worthwhile application in electrochemical sensors. Finally, the chapter concludes with a positive outlook on the use of bimetallic @C nanocomposites for day-to-day life and clinical applications based on the present growth. 

Keywords: Bimetallic, Biomolecules, Biosensors, Carbon nanomaterials, Electrochemical sensors, Graphene, Sensitivity, Selectivity

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