Nutritional Biochemistry: From the Classroom to the Research Bench

Lipid Metabolism

Author(s): Sami Dridi

Pp: 236-262 (27)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815051575122010012

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Lipids have many functional roles such as bilayer of the cell membrane,
regulatory agents in cell growth, adhesion, and the biosynthesis of other molecules.
Lipid metabolism starts with the ingestion of food, digestion and absorption. In higher
organisms, fat metabolism is under the control of a complex and highly integrated
system and pathways. The present chapter aims to provide current knowledge about
lipid metabolism and its cellular processes.

Keywords: Cholesterol, Fatty acids, Lipid metabolism, Lipoproteins, Lipolysis, Oxidation, Synthesis, Ketogenesis.

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