Transpersonal Psychology: Altered States of Consciousness, Biofeedback, and Neurotechnology

The Induction and Measurement of the Altered States of Consciousness by using Neurotechnology and Biofeedback in Transpersonal Therapy

Author(s): Raul Valverde

Pp: 151-160 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815036459122010012

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Transpersonal psychology is the study of human nature that begins with the
assumption that humans have potentials that go beyond the limits of their ego and
integrate spiritual experience into a broader understanding of the human psyche and
consciousness. For decades, altered states of consciousness have been used as a form of
psychotherapy in transpersonal psychology. Although there are well-known techniques
for inducing altered states of consciousness, such as holotropic breathwork,
neurotechnology provides an alternative way to not only induce these states for
transpersonal therapy but also for other purposes. Biofeedback may also be used to
assess the level of consciousness. The goal of this article is to provide a review of the
key concepts in neurotechnology, as well as the key technologies that can be used to
induce and measure altered states of consciousness for transpersonal psychotherapy.

Keywords: Altered states of consciousness, Biofeedback, Neurotechnology, Transpersonal therapy.

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