Advances in Manufacturing Technologies and Production Engineering

Assessment of Manufacturing Productivity in Fibre Cement Roofing Sheet Production Company

Author(s): Kazeem Aderemi Bello*, Olatunde A. Oyelaran, Ilesanmi Afolabi Daniyan and Osarobo Ogbeide

Pp: 161-172 (12)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815039771122010016

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The absence of adequate training, technical know-how, and process control
skills may be associated with high product rejects and high rate of industrial accident
occurrence in the course of fibre cement roofing sheet manufacture. The overall
research strategy of this study entailed the use of Kendall Coefficient of Concordance
(KCC) and Principal component analysis (PCA) to investigate the identified factors
that influence the production of fibre cement roofing sheets. Statistical Process Control
(SPC) tools were used to analyse customers’ complaints and preferences. The Markov
Chain (MC) model was also used to analyse industrial accident occurrence trends.
Also, multiple linear regression analysis was conducted to predict the pattern of
productivity of fibre cement roofing sheet products.

Our results show that Kendall coefficient of concordance employed ranked the sixtyone
variables of fibre cement roofing sheet in descending order of importance.
Furthermore, SPC results on customers’ complaints revealed sticking sheets, broken
edges, and weak lines as the main cause of product defects, while the inadequate
maintenance on production machines was not identified as the root cause. Due to the
implementation of Quality Management Committee (QMC) suggestions, the product
process capability was boosted to 1.19. Product density of 600 observations was
considered, and all observations fell within the R and X charts control limit. This
research will provide guidelines for roofing sheet producers to manufacture quality
fibre cement roofing sheet that is suitable for customers’ needs.

Keywords: Accident, Customer satisfaction, Fibre cement roofing sheet, Productivity, Quality control.

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