Coherent Wireless Power Charging and Data Transfer for Electric Vehicles


Author(s): Chih-Cheng Huang and Chun-Liang Lin

Pp: 1-33 (33)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681089461122010003

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Automotive manufactories are developing electric vehicles, such as hybrid
electric, plug-in hybrid, battery-electric, and fuel cell electric vehicles in order to
reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. Major advanced countries will ban fuel
and diesel cars starting from 2030~2040. Electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles have
attracted more and more attention from automakers, governments, and customers.
Research and development efforts have been focused on developing novel concepts,
low-cost systems, and reliable hybrid electric powertrain.
This chapter reviews the present technologies of EVs in the range of Li-ion battery
technology, drivetrain configuration, electric motor drives, power distribution system
management with charging/discharging of EVs and conductive/wireless charger.

Keywords: Aggregator, Battery electric vehicle (BEV), Conductive/wireless charger, Drivetrain, Electric motor, Fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV), Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), Li-ion battery, Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), Power grid.

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