Assessment, Accreditation and Ranking Methods for Higher Education Institutes in India: Current Findings and Future Challenges

Can a Student Feedback Provide Correct Opinion on Teaching-Learning Process in Higher Education Institutes?

Author(s): G. Sankaranarayana Rao * .

Pp: 8-24 (17)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681088174121010005

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The relevance of student feedback to the quality of higher education institutes is highlighted in this chapter. Different student feedback formats and processes are reviewed. The importance of this process in enhancing the academic performance of the colleges is discussed in the Indian context. The popular feedback surveys are studied and their merits and drawbacks are mentioned. Student feedback data in electronic format is collected from a college in Andhra Pradesh, India, for 2019. The data is analyzed in light of the academic performance of the college. The study tries to find out whether the outcome of student feedback (SFB) provides the correct opinion of the students about the teaching-learning process of the higher education institutes (HEI). Results show that students have not given the true picture of teachinglearning of the institute. Possible reasons are discussed and suggestions are mentioned to make the SFB a relevant process in improving the academic grade and rank of HEI.

Keywords: College, Co-curricular, Employment, Extra-curricular, Grade, HEI, Higher education, ICT, IQAC, NAAC, Questionnaire, Rating scale, Skills, Student feedback, Student progression, Student, Survey, Teacher, Teachinglearning, University.

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