Handbook of Mobile Application Development: A Guide to Selecting the Right Engineering and Quality Features

Mobility: Is the Application Easy to Install, Maintain and Support?

Author(s): Mohamed Sarrab, Hafedh Al-Shihi and Naveen Safia

Pp: 68-78 (11)

DOI: 10.2174/9789814998246121010010

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This chapter discusses the mobi-bility of mobile applications as one of the main qualitative characteristics. It focuses on the requirements of the application to determine the types of mobile devices to support, considering the different features of the devices such as performance of the processor in terms of speed, the capacity of memory and storage, screen resolution and screen size, and availability of suitable environment for the tool development. This chapter explores the installability of the mobile application and emphasizes how mobile applications can be upgraded. It mainly focuses on the uninstallation of mobile applications and their configuration by focusing on deployability and the most important factors to provide maintenance. Finally, the chapter ends by exploring the testability of mobile applications.

Keywords: Deployability, Memory Capacity and Storage, Mobi-Bility, Mobile Application, Performance, Qualitative Characteristics, Screen Resolution, Screen Size Install-Ability, Speed, Testability, Uninstallation.

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