Handbook of Mobile Application Development: A Guide to Selecting the Right Engineering and Quality Features

Charisma: Do Mobile Applications have Charisma?

Author(s): Mohamed Sarrab, Hafedh Al-Shihi and Naveen Safia

Pp: 39-48 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/9789814998246121010007

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This chapter focuses on the charisma of a mobile application as one of the main qualitative characteristics. The chapter begins with the uniqueness of the mobile application and explores user satisfaction while using the mobile application. This chapter discusses the professionalism displayed by the application and mainly emphasizes the best features of the mobile application that can attract users. It also discusses the curiosity feature and focuses on the entrancement of mobile applications. The chapter considers the hype of mobile applications and discusses the expectancy and attitude of mobile applications.

Keywords: Best Features, Charisma, Curiosity, Entrancement, Expectancy and Attitude of Mobile Applications, Mobile Application, Qualitative Characteristics, Uniqueness of Mobile Application, User Satisfaction.

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