Subharmonic Functions, Generalizations, Holomorphic Functions, Meromorphic Functions, and Properties.

Weighted boundary behavior of quasinearly subharmonic functions

Author(s): Juhani Riihentaus

Pp: 68-82 (15)

Doi: 10.2174/9789811498701121010008

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We give certain weighted boundary behavior properties for quasinearly subharmonic functions, related to previous results of Gehring, Hallenbeck, Mizuta, Pavlovic, Stoll, Suzuki and others. Es- pecially, we give a limiting case result of a nonintegrability result of Suzuki.

Keywords: Subharmonic, quasinearly subharmonic, boundary behavior, approach region, radial order of a subharmonic function, Ahlforsregular set, weighted nonintegrability

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