Risks and Challenges of Hazardous Waste Management: Reviews and Case Studies

A Review of the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Healthcare Wastes Workers (HCWS) on Medical Waste in Developing Countries

Author(s): Y.Y. Babanyara, Abdulkadir Aliyu, B.A Gana and Maryam Musa

Pp: 25-45 (21)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811472466120010005

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Medical care activities can produce various types of risks (hazardous) wastes. Poor management of these wastes can lead to environmental pollution and health risks to healthcare personnel, patients, and the community at large. Adequate knowledge, attitudes, and practices of managing medical waste are vital. This paper reviews the main issues in medical waste management by healthcare workers in developing countries. Results from reviewed literature showed that in developing countries, Medical waste management is inefficient. Knowledge and awareness concerning safe medical waste management are inadequate as a result of lack of or absence of training for medical waste management personnel, absence of waste management and disposal systems, lack of safety equipment and immunization in most of the health centers. This paper concludes by recommending ways by which poor medical waste management can be ameliorated in healthcare centers.

Keywords: Attitudes, Awareness, Healthcare, Healthcare waste workers, Hospital, Knowledge of Medical waste.

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