Transformations: A Mathematical Approach- Fundamental Concepts

Affine Transformations

Author(s): Carlos Polanco

Pp: 2-7 (6)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681087115118010005

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This chapter focuses on the characterization of a mathematical operator called transformation; it describes the different types of transformations, their basic properties, restrictions, and extensions. The aspects here reviewed will be described in detail in the next chapters.

Keywords: Affine transformation, Automorphism, Bijective transformation, Composition transformation, Continuous function, Endomorphism, Function, Homothetic transformation, Injective transformation, Inverse transformation, Isomorphism, Linear space, Linear transformation, Nonlinear transformation, Reflection transformation, Rotation transformation, Scaling transformation, Shear transformation, Surjective transformation, Transformation, Translation transformation.

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