Research on Corporate Environmental Responsibility in China

Countermeasures: Recommendations of Improving the Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Author(s): Wang Hong

Pp: 174-216 (43)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681086477118010011


It is the collaboration with the government and the public that corporate environmental responsibility can be improved. From the government perspective, regulation is of great importance. The extended producer responsibility policy, help with industrial structure upgrade and environmental e-government construction will be the effective measures; From the enterprise perspective, self-regulation is advocated. The implementation of ISO14001 system strategies and construction of environmental culture will enable the enterprises to reach the goal. Chinese senior managers need to change their minds, recognizing the importance to improve resource utilization, reduce environmental investment and increase business performance. To improve the environment is not an annoying burden, but a good opportunity to boost the economy and increase sustainable competitiveness. China’s enterprise implementation of total environmental management strategy is a complex system engineering. It involves the entire product life cycle of product research and development design, manufacturing, sales, use, scrap processing and recycling. It also includes management strategy decision, market research, raw materials and spare parts supply and quality management; From the perspective of the public, green consumption, social services and non-government involvement will be the significant drivers. At present, as the product of “Internet +”, the micro whistle blowing encourages the public to participate in environmental protection anytime and anywhere. They can use the APP to get the government public data, forward the information through the microblogging, and promote the environmental protection department to follow up and supervise the polluting enterprises actively, and make direct rectification. The innovative nongovernmental operation model needs to be broadly implemented.

Keywords: Corporate environmental culture, Corporate environmental responsibility, Enterprise self-regulation, Government regulation, Nongovernment involvement, Policy, Public participation.

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