Recent Advances in Dentistry

Volume: 2

Dental Anomalies -Tooth Impaction

Author(s): George Litsas

Pp: 145-177 (33)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681086095118020008

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Dental anomalies can be caused by any etiological factor that interrupts odontogenesis. Leaving environmental factors aside, genetics have been found to be a factor at various levels in dental anomalies and the fact that some human dental anomalies are often seen together supports the evidence that there is shared genetic control of disturbances in dental development. Early diagnosis can be assisted by recognition of dental anomalies (e.g. peg shape lateral incisors) in early mixed dentition that have a genetic association with canine impaction. Early detection of palatal canine displacement will allow clinicians to focus on prevention of canine impaction. The purpose of this chapter is to approach the early diagnosis and appropriate orthodontic intervention of dental anomalies and tooth impaction.

Keywords: Dental anomalies, Early diagnosis, Palatal canine displacement.

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