Frontiers in Neurosurgery

Volume: 4

Clinical Manifestation and Management in Children

Author(s): Jun Pan

Pp: 341-358 (18)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681085326117040020

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In this chapter, we focused on the description of the conception, clinical manifestation, surgical treatment and prognosis of pediatric craniopharyngiomas (CP), which were extremely different from the adult patients. As most of the tumors grew with development of the pituitary gland, stalk and hypothalamic structures in pediatric patients, surgery always caused severe endocrinological and hypothalamic dysfunction. And the postrugical irradiation was also restriced for younger children, with result as big problem for the quality of life in childhooh CP. In this chapter, we proposed two types of pediatric CP: infradiaphragmatic CP and intra-third ventricular floor CP. Those two types of CP presented totally variant characteristics with aspect in clinical manifestation, surgical strategy, recurrence, and prognosis, which will also be described and discussed in details.

Keywords: Craniopharyngioma, Fuction, Obesity, Pediatric.

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