Polymeric nanocarriers in drug delivery

Closes 04 December, 2024

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Journal: Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
Guest editor(s):Dr. Bhupendra G. Prajapati
Co-Guest Editor(s):


Polymeric nanocarriers play a crucial role in drug delivery due to their versatility, and unique properties for targeting and modifying drug release. Their ability to enhance therapeutic outcomes, reduce side effects, and enable the delivery of drugs in a more targeted and controlled manner made them popular in the last two decades. Polymer nanocarriers, also offer the flexibility to tailor their size, shape, surface charge, and composition, allowing for customization based on the specific requirements. In many research works, encapsulation of drug molecules within polymeric nanocarriers can protect them from degradation, enzymatic activity, and premature clearance in the bloodstream. This protection ensures that a higher concentration of the active drug reaches the target site.


Polymeric nanoparticles, PLGA, Nanocarriers , Drug Targeting, Sustained release , Chitosan, Sodium Alginate

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