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Combustion Synthesis: Novel Routes to Novel Materials
By: Maximilian Lackner

US $ 89

Commercial Space Tourism: Impediments to Industrial Development and Strategic Communication Solutions
By: Dirk C. Gibson

US $ 24

Communication Theory and Signal Processing for Transform Coding
By: Khamies El-Shennawy

US $ 69

Comparative Bioacoustics: An Overview
By: Charles Brown and Tobias Riede

US $ 129

Complex Analyses in Engineering, Science and Technology
By: S. G. Ahmed

US $ 30

Comprehensive Maxillofacial Osteomyelitis
By: Deepak Gupta, Soheyl Sheikh and Shambulingappa Pallagatti

US $ 59

Comprehensive Practical Hepatology
By: Yukihiro Shimizu

US $ 89

Computational Biology of Embryonic Stem Cells
By: Ming Zhan

US $ 34

Computational Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing and Evolutionary Clustering Algorithms
By: Terje Kristensen

US $ 29

Computer Based Projects for a Chemistry Curriculum
By: Thomas J. Manning and Aurora P. Gramatges

US $ 49

Computers: Classical, Quantum and Others
By: Sergey P. Suprun and Anatoly P. Suprun

US $ 21

Concepts and Recent Advances in Generalized Information Measures and Statistics
By: Andres M. Kowalski, Raul D. Rossignoli and Evaldo M. F. Curado

US $ 59