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6G Wireless Communications and Mobile Networking
By: Xianzhong Xie, Bo Rong and Michel Kadoch

US $ 79

Advances in Organic Synthesis
By: Atta-ur-Rahman

US $ 89

Agricultural Benefits of Postharvest Banana Plants
By: Dibakar Chandra Deka and Satya Ranjan Neog

US $ 49

An Introduction to Plant Immunity
By: Dhia Bouktila and Yosra Habachi

US $ 59

Artificial Intelligence: Models, Algorithms and Applications
By: Terje Solsvik Kristensen

US $ 49

Biologically Active Natural Products from Asia and Africa: A Selection of Topics
By: Anna Capasso

US $ 49

By: Jean-Marc Sabatier

US $ 39

Corrosion Science: Modern Trends and Applications
By: N. Suresh Kumar, P. Banerjee, H. Manjunatha and K. Chandra Babu Naidu

US $ 69

COVID-19 Current Challenges and Future Perspectives
By: Anoop Kumar

US $ 49

COVID-19: Diagnosis and Management-Part I
By: Neeraj Mittal, Sanjay Kumar Bhadada, O. P. Katare and Varun Garg

US $ 49

Current and Future Application of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Medicine
By: Jie Yang and Shigao Huang

US $ 44

Demystifying COVID-19: Understanding the Disease, Its Diagnosis and Treatment
By: Ozgur Karcioglu, Selman Yeniocak and Mandana Hosseinzadeh

US $ 59