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Advances in Cancer Nanotheranostics for Experimental and Personalized Medicine
By: Yusuf Tutar

US $ 69

Advances in Cancer Signal Transduction and Therapy
By: Manoj K. Pandey and Vijay P. Kale

US $ 89

Advances in Meat Processing Technologies: Modern Approaches to Meet Consumer Demand
By: Daneysa L. Kalschne, Marinês P. Corso and Cristiane Canan

US $ 69

Anti-Angiogenesis Drug Discovery and Development
By: Atta-ur-Rahman and Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary

US $ 119

Applications of Modern Mass Spectrometry
By: Atta-ur-Rahman, M. Iqbal Choudhary and Syed Ghulam Musharraf

US $ 99

Applications of NMR Spectroscopy
By: Atta-ur-Rahman and M. Iqbal Choudhary

US $ 69

Bacterial Diseases
By: Muhammad Imran Qadir

US $ 49

Catalysis: Current and Future Developments
By: Goutam Kumar Patra and Santosh Singh Thakur

US $ 69

Changing Landscapes in Urban British Churchyards
By: Sylvia E. Thornbush and Mary J. Thornbush

US $ 29

Current Advances in Breast Cancer Research: A Molecular Approach
By: Shankar Suman, Garima Suman and Sanjay Mishra

US $ 99

Current Developments in Food and Nutrition Research
By: Celile Aylin Oluk and Oya Berkay Karaca

US $ 129

Current Developments in Mathematical Sciences
By: Chaoqun Liu and ̀Yisheng Gao

US $ 99