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Biodiversity Conservation - Challenges for the Future
By: Laladhas K.P., Oommen V. Oommen and Sudhakaran P.R.

US $ 44

Capitalist Realism in Africa: Realities and Myths in Advertising
By: Emmanuel C. Alozie

US $ 29

Collaborative Governance and Public Innovation in Northern Europe
By: Annika Agger, Bodil Damgaard, Andreas Hagedorn Krogh and Eva Sørensen

US $ 49

Complex Analyses in Engineering, Science and Technology
By: S. G. Ahmed

US $ 30

Convergence Theorems for Lattice Group-Valued Measures
By: Antonio Boccuto and Xenofon Dimitriou

US $ 69

CULTIVATING EMPATHY: Inspiring Health Professionals to Communicate More Effectively
By: Kathleen Stephany

US $ 49

Depression: A Silent Culprit in Health and Disease
By: Puneetpal Singh and Sarabjit Mastana

US $ 49

Down Country Lanes, Behind Abandoned Houses
By: Keith V. Bletzer

US $ 21

Down Syndrome Children - An Update
By: Mohammed Al-Biltagi

US $ 99

Drug Design and Discovery in Alzheimer’s Disease
By: Atta-ur-Rahman and Mohammad Iqbal Choudhary

US $ 165

Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
By: Rafael Laniado-Laborín

US $ 49

Echography in Ocular Pathology
By: Pedro Romero-Aroca and Manuel Montero-Jaime

US $ 39