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Social Responsibility Beyond Neoliberalism and Charity Volume 4: Social Responsibility - Range of Perspectives Per Topics and Countries
By: Matjaz Mulej and Robert G. Dyck

US $ 39

Solitary waves in fluid media
By: Claire David and Zhaosheng Feng

US $ 49

Solubility, Delivery and ADME Problems of Drugs and Drug-Candidates
By: Karoly Tihanyi and Monika Vastag

US $ 89

Soluble Factors Mediating Innate Immune Responses to HIV Infection
By: Massimo Alfano

US $ 69

Solutions to Problems of Controlling Long Waves with the Help of Micro-Structure Tools
By: Vladimir V. Arabadzhi

US $ 28

Some Recent Advances in Partial Difference Equations
By: Eugenia N. Petropoulou

US $ 22

Spatial Ecology: Patterns and Processes
By: Vikas Rai

US $ 44

Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer: Concepts and Controversies
By: Kevin R. Smith

US $ 59

Spline-Interpolation Solution of One Elasticity Theory Problem
By: Elena A. Shirokova and Pyotr N. Ivanshin

US $ 39

Stainless Steels: An Introduction and Their Recent Developments
By: Joseph Ki Leuk Lai, Kin Ho Lo and Chan Hung Shek

US $ 79

State of the Art and Progress in Production of Biohydrogen
By: Nuri Azbar and David B. Levin

US $ 49

Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
By: Herman S. Cheung

US $ 32