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Improved Domino Logic Circuits and its Application in Wide Fan-In OR Gates

Author(s): Deepika Bansal *, Bal Chand Nagar, Brahamdeo Prasad Singh and Ajay Kumar

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2020

Page: [58 - 67] Pages: 10

DOI: 10.2174/1876402911666190716161631


Background: Main concern in efficient VLSI circuit designing is low-power consumption, high-speed and noise tolerance capability.

Objective: In this paper, two efficient and high-performance topologies are proposed for cascaded domino logic using carbon nanotube MOSFETs (CN-MOSFETs). The first topology is designed to remove the intermediate charge sharing problem without any keeper circuit, whereas the second one holds the true logic level of the evaluation phase without any voltage drop for next precharge phase. The proposed topologies are suitable for cascading of the high-performance domino circuits.

Methods: The proposed domino circuits are tested and verified using Synopsys HSPICE simulator with 32nm CN-MOSFET technology provided by Stanford University.

Conclusion: The power delay product of proposed DL-I and DL-II improves by 32.59 % and 40.98 % for 8-input OR gate as compared to standard logic respectively at the clock frequency of 500 MHz. The simulation results validate that the proposed circuits improve the performance of pseudo domino logic with respect to leakage power consumption, delay and unity noise gain.

Keywords: Dynamic logic, carbon nano-tubes, CN-MOSFET, keeper, stack, charge sharing.

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