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Navigating Research Toward the Re-emerging Nipah Virus- A New Piece to the Puzzle

Author(s): Pritika Ramharack, Nikita Devnarain, Letitia Shunmugam and Mahmoud E.S. Soliman*

Volume 25, Issue 12, 2019

Page: [1392 - 1401] Pages: 10

DOI: 10.2174/1381612825666190620104203

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Background: The recent Nipah virus (NiV) outbreak in India has caused a state of chaos, with potential to become the next international pandemic. There is still a great deal to learn about NiV for the development of a potent treatment against it. The NiV non-structural proteins play important roles in the lifecycle of the virus, with the RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase (RdRp) being a vital component in viral replication. In this study, we not only provide a comprehensive overview of all the literature concerning NiV, we also propose a model of the NiV RdRp and screen for potential inhibitors of the viral enzyme.

Methods: In this study, computational tools were utilized in the design of a NiV RdRp homology model. The active site of RdRp was then identified and potential inhibitors of the protein were discovered with the use of pharmacophore-based screening.

Results: Ramachandran plot analysis revealed a favourable model. Upon binding of nucleoside analog, 4’- Azidocytidine, active site residues Trp1714 and Ser1713 took part in stabilizing hydrogen bonds, while Thr1716, Ser1478, Ser1476 and Glu1465 contributed to hydrophobic interactions. Pharmacophore based screening yielded 18 hits, of which ZINC00085930 demonstrated the most optimal binding energy (-8.1 kcal/mol), validating its use for further analysis as an inhibitor of NiV.

Conclusion: In this study we provide a critical guide, elucidating on the in silico requirements of the drug design and discovery process against NiV. This material lays a foundation for future research into the design and development of drugs that inhibit NiV.

Keywords: Nipah vírus, paramyxoviridae, homology modelling, RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase, inhibitors, in silico.

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