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General Review Article

A Comprehensive Patent Review on β-cyclodextrin Cross-linked Nanosponges for Multiple Applications

Author(s): Sandip Pawar and Pravin Shende*

Volume 14, Issue 1, 2020

Page: [75 - 89] Pages: 15

DOI: 10.2174/1872210513666190603083930

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Background: Currently, the most important challenge in the development of therapeutics and actives is their poor aqueous solubility and bioavailability.

Objective: The low aqueous solubility, poor pharmacokinetic properties, and bioavailability associated with novel actives manifest in numerous challenges in the formulation of conventional dosage forms like tablets, capsules, suspensions, emulsions, etc. Nanosponges are a novel class of drug delivery system capable of encapsulating or entrapping both lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs. Target-specific drug delivery and controlled drug release are the advantages offered by nanosponges which make them a promising anti-tumor drug delivery system.

Methods: Nanosponges are colloidal structures comprising solid nanoparticles with cavities and meshlike structures for encapsulation of wide varieties of substances like antineoplastic agents, proteins and peptides, volatile oils, genetic material, etc. The methods of preparation of β-cyclodextrin-based nanosponges include solvent evaporation method, emulsion solvent evaporation method, ultrasound-assisted synthesis, hyper cross-linked cyclodextrin and interfacial phenomenon method. A large variety of nanosponges- based formulations are available in the market and some formulations of prostavastin, brexin, glymesason, mena-gargle, etc. are under clinical trials.

Results: Nanosponges possess potential applications in target site-specific drug delivery to liver, spleen, and lungs. Due to the surface functionalization, nanosponges show broad applications in water purification, protein delivery, chemical sensors, detection of explosives, agriculture, etc. In the near future, nanosponges-based products will capture a huge market for commercialization due to their improved properties and advantages.

Conclusion: This review provides an account of the patents related to nanosponges (2006-2018) and covers the broad applications of β-cyclodextrin-based nanosponges, their roles in vaccine delivery, cancer therapy, fire engineering, water purification, etc.

Keywords: Protein delivery, agriculture, tumor therapy, metal nanosponge, water purification, fire engineering, mosquito repellant.

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