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Current Organic Chemistry


ISSN (Print): 1385-2728
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Review Article

Significant Seed Oil Feedstocks for Renewable Production of Biodiesel: A Review

Author(s): Mirza Muhammad Ikram, Muhammad Asif Hanif, Ghufrana Samin Khan, Umer Rashid* and Farwa Nadeem

Volume 23, Issue 14, 2019

Page: [1509 - 1516] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/1385272823666190417103550

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The rapidly increasing demand for biodiesel is now tying agriculture and energy more closely than ever. Biodiesel may be one of the key ways to pump immediate life into the flaccid economy of many underdeveloped countries. The present review critically describes leading potential feedstocks available for biodiesel production based on a full life-cycle analysis which comprises major producer countries, important cultivation practices and major fatty acid compositions of the produced biodiesel. This article provides a comprehensive approach about the twenty leading plant sources which can contribute to enhance biodiesel production throughout the world along with their production methodologies, physical and chemical fuel quality parameters and analytical techniques for the assessment of the quality of the prepared biodiesel. Biodiesel has become further interesting in recent years because of its eco-friendly benefits and the fact that it is made from renewable and sustainable resources. A wide literature review was conducted and the major fatty acid composition of various vegetable oils was discussed as it significantly affects biodiesel properties. Lipids obtained from filamentous fungi, for example, Cunninghamella echinulata exhibit great promise for biofuel production. Finally, this review will be helpful in promoting the development of biodiesel by several countries not only by extending scientific research and knowledge but also through the introduction of policies and expressing reasons underlying these policies.

Conclusion: This review explains the potential feedstocks for renewable production of biodiesel.

Keywords: Biodiesel, feedstocks, renewable, oil seeds crops, fuel qualities, production methodologies.

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