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Systematic Review Article

The Relationship Between Prostate Cancer and Metformin Consumption: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Study

Author(s): Bahareh Ghiasi, Diana Sarokhani*, Farid Najafi, Morteza Motedayen and Ali Hasanpour Dehkordi*

Volume 25, Issue 9, 2019

Page: [1021 - 1029] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/1381612825666190215123759

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Introduction: Prostate cancer is the most common malignant cancer in men worldwide and after lung cancer, it is the second leading cause of cancer mortality in men. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between prostate cancer and metformin consumption in men.

Methods: The current study is a systematic and meta-analysis review based on the PRISMA statement. To access the studies of domestic and foreign databases, Iran Medex, SID, Magiran, Iran Doc, Medlib, ProQuest, Science Direct, PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science and the Google Scholar search engine were searched during the 2009- 2018 period for related keywords. In order to evaluate the heterogeneity of the studies, Q test and I2 indicator were used. The data were analyzed using the STATA 15.1 software.

Results: In 11 studies with a sample size of 877058, the odds ratio of metformin consumption for reducing prostate cancer was estimated at 0.89 (95%CI: 0.67-1.17). Meta-regression also showed there was no significant relationship between the odds ratio and the publication year of the study. However, there was a significant relationship between the odds ratio and the number of research samples.

Conclusion: Using metformin in men reduces the risk of prostate cancer but it is not statistically significant.

Keywords: Metformin, prostate cancer, chronic diseases, I2 indicator, lung cancer, Q test.

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