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Case Report

A Case Analysis on CT Guided Percutaneous Lung Puncture Biopsy of Lymphocyte Mesenchymal Pneumonia

Author(s): Dan Zhu, Long Yu and Hui Chen*

Volume 21 , Issue 10 , 2018

Page: [806 - 810] Pages: 5

DOI: 10.2174/1386207322666190122112025

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Objective: To explore the application and diagnostic value of high-resolution CT in the process of lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia clinical diagnosis, and analyze one case of CT-guided percutaneous lung biopsy lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia.

Methods: The medical record of a patient with lymphocyte interstitial pneumonia (LIP) who came to the clinic on 2014-04-22 were analyzed and summarized retrospectively.

Results: The patient was a 55 years old female farmer. The CT-guided percutaneous lung biopsy was performed at her first visit; on 2014-07-09, the patient returned to our outpatient clinic with the main complaint of "1 week of coughing and blood in sputum and phlegm". Pathology consultation report from the PLA General Hospital on 2014-07-29 showed: (right lower lung) pneumonic pseudo-tumor; Zhejiang First Hospital’s pathology consultation report on 2014-08-11 showed: lymphocyte interstitial pneumonia.

Conclusion: The diagnosis of lymphocyte interstitial pneumonia (LIP) with high-resolution CT may be used to increase its clinical diagnosis rate, reduce misdiagnosis and improve early detection.

Keywords: High-resolution CT, interstitial pneumonia of lung, diagnosis rate, clinical value, lung biopsy, chronic lung disease.

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