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Determination of Fatty Acid Composition, Cholesterols, Triglyceride and Vitamin Contents of Some Selected Fishes from Assam, India

Author(s): Arjina Parbin Sarkar, Sanjay Basumatary*, Santanu Sarma and Sandeep Das

Volume 16, Issue 2, 2020

Page: [213 - 219] Pages: 7

DOI: 10.2174/1573401315666181128123332

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Background: Fishes are good sources of the fatty acids such as ω-3 and ω-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, and fat-soluble vitamins for human consumption which play vital roles for various biological processes in the body and help in the proper growth and prevention of diseases.

Objective: The objective of the present study was to determine the fatty acid composition, cholesterols, triglyceride and vitamin contents of some selected fishes from Hel river, Assam, India.

Methods: Fatty acid composition of fish species was examined using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, lipid components were determined following the reported methods and vitamins A and D contents were investigated by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography.

Results: Fatty acid compositions varied from 51.20-89.47% of saturated fatty acids, 0.27-19.68% of monounsaturated fatty acids and 1.75-30.76% of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid ranged from 0.54-22.30% and 1.26-18.85%, respectively. The fish species showed varying amounts of lipid components. The vitamins A and D were found in the range of 15.85-1287.0 µg/100 g and 45.0-677.24 µg/100 g, respectively.

Conclusion: The fish species of this study are found rich in ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid along with noticeable amounts of vitamins A and D. Hence, these fish species have the potentials to serve as the natural dietary supplements for ω-3 fatty acids and other nutrients.

Keywords: Cholesterol, docosahexaenoic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, fatty acid composition, fish, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin.

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