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ISSN (Print): 2213-2759
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An Era of Micro Irrigation - A Priority Driven Approach to Enhance the Optimum Utilization of Water and a Way Towards “Intelligent Farming”

Author(s): Santosh R. Durugkar* and Ramesh C. Poonia

Volume 11, Issue 4, 2018

Page: [247 - 254] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/2213275911666180810102936

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Background: With the title “An era of micro-irrigation - A priority driven approach to enhance the optimum utilization of water and a way towards “Intelligent Farming”, we have developed a novel research work to begin new innovative systems for the sake of society. The scope of our research work is a smart home garden but it can be extended to the large field too. Gardening is done at a huge level and farming (agriculture) too which is a backbone of Indian economy. To cater to these sectors there is a requirement of water and its consumption is at a high level. We have referred 03 patents, which have motivated us to revolutionize these sectors.

Objectives: A GUI is developed with which end user can get many things such as pH of the soil, conductivity and TDS of the water, temperature and humidity, moisture, etc. Irrigation plays an important role in crop yield else, due to less water it will be affected. A priority-driven algorithm based on the soil moisture values executes itself and find out the lowest one to start the irrigation to increase the moisture at plant area.

Method: Here, to each node, we have placed the soil moisture sensors to fetch the moisture values and with the help of a coordinator, the system will store these values in the database for future analysis. We have developed this crop independent system for basic crops, commercials crops and gardens. Smart and micro-irrigation is the new trend and is the major requirement due to many critical factors such as irregularity of monsoon, less availability of groundwater, etc. Some challenges are pointed out with this research work and important issues in smart home gardening are considered.

Conclusion: We strongly believe, in the agriculture and gardening sectors water consumption will be at a low level with our research work. These systems have additional advantages such as testing the quality of water utilization in terms of TDS, Conductivity and pH of the water. Similarly, w.r.t. soil, due to excess utilization of fertilizers and pesticides pH changes and same thing will be noticed to avoid the future losses.

Keywords: Priority driven scheduling, WSN, moisture sensors, smart irrigation, pH, moisture, temperature, humidity.

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