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Nano-formulations for Diagnostics and Therapeutics of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Animals

Author(s): T. Anitha Sironmani *

Volume 9, Issue 2, 2019

Page: [244 - 251] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/2210681208666180329152036

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Background: Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is caused by a virus of the genus Aphthovirus, family Picornaviridae which includes several members of medical importance, Multiple subtypes or antigenic variants within each serotype, which make the vaccine from one serotype does not confer protection against the other serotype.

Methods: Green synthesized silver nanoparticles were functionalized with FMDV antigen /antibody. The functionalized silver nanoparticles were characterized by UV -Visible spectrophotometer, Fluorescence Spectrophotometer etc. Immunomodulation study, efficacy and toxicity tests on the final product were carried out.

Results: The protein profile after immunoprecipitation with AntiFMD antibody analysed on a 12.5% SDS-PAGE which corresponded to the viral proteins. The western blot analysis confirmed the same pattern. When the infected mice were treated with functionalised silver nanoparticles, all mice were recovered from the disease within 12 hrs. The field trial of these nanoformulations showed 100% recovery of the animals with minimum neutralizing antibody without any other physiological problems.

Conclusion: Surface modification of silver nanoparticles can create multifunctional materials with potential applications. Nanoformulations developed by functionalizing whole FMD viral protein /antibody with that of silver nanoparticles, elicite an optimal immuno-protective response and as diagnostic agent against foot and mouth disease causing virus The easy method of preparation of nanoparticle, the flexibility of functionalization techniques, long shelf life without cold chain protection and minimum single low dosage reveals the feasibility of this nanoformulation applications ranging from prophylactic vaccines, diagnostics, therapy for all infections leading to autoimmune diseases.

Keywords: FMD, nano-therapy, silver nanoparticles, nano-formulation, FMDV, immunoprecipitation.

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