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ISSN (Print): 2468-4228
ISSN (Online): 2468-4236

Review Article

Molecular Signatures of Biomarkers in Cancer Development, Diagn osis, and its Prognostic Accuracy

Author(s): Maryam Dadar, Kuldeep Dhama*, Hafiz M.N. Iqbal, Ashok Munjal, Rekha Khandia, Kumaragurubaran Karthik, Swati Sachan, Shyma K. Latheef, Hari Abdul Samad and Sunil K. Joshi

Volume 6, Issue 2, 2016

Page: [89 - 96] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/2468422807666170210164253


Background: In many cancers, predictive factors are important for recognition of high-risk patients and amongst individualizing treatment. The understanding of these mechanisms might provide novel and useful approaches for preventing, diagnosing and treating different cancers.

Objective: The main objective of this review is to extend the current knowledge on the various tumor biomarkers targeting prognosis and therapies of human cancers.

Methods: The present review is based on the extensive churning, analyzing and compilation of the salient information on tumor biomarkers from the authentic published literature available in PubMed and other scientific databases. The information also includes the implicative role of nucleic acids, apolipoproteins, inflammatory biomolecules, receptors, DNA modification, carbohydrate antigens and metabolite signatures as biomarkers for cancer.

Results: In this review, we have summarized some tumor biomarkers, which would improve prognostic efficiency and accuracy among patients with cancer particularly for ovarian, lung, breast, melanoma and pancreatic cancer.

Conclusion: This review provides in-depth insights of the use and importance of cancer biomarkers in our understanding as well improve knowledge regarding cancer management in clinical practice that will facilitate a more effective prognosis with least undesired systemic toxicity. However, development and evaluation of cancer biomarkers demand a complete understanding of the molecular processes and cellular mechanisms during the onset of cancer; as well how a little modification in regulatory metabolites, proteins or genes can disrupt various kinds of cellular functions and lead to cancer.

Keywords: Autoantibody, biomarkers, breast cancer, diagnosis, lung cancer, melanoma, prognosis, treatment.

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