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ISSN (Print): 1389-2002
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Review Article

Cancer Nanotechnology: Recent Trends and Developments in Strategies for Targeting Cancer Cells to Improve Cancer Imaging and Treatment

Author(s): Jingyao Xu, Xiaoling Zhou, Yifei Li and Yudan Tian*

Volume 18, Issue 4, 2017

Page: [266 - 279] Pages: 14

DOI: 10.2174/1389200218666170116113103

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Objective: Nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary field, which have the potential to cover applications in many subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics.

Method: The combined efforts of these subjects can lead to the successful engineering of nanodevices and nanovectors for targeted delivery and sensing/detection of cancer cells/tissues. The modulation of nanomaterials at surface and bulk level further adds value to this technology and develop strategies for early detection of precancerous and malignant cells from biological fluids. Furthermore, the novel nanotechnology-based imaging modalities have the prospects to offer non-invasive cancer imaging and treatment response study in real-time.

Result: This review covers the advantages of nanotechnology, which have been exploited for effective and targeted delivery of anti-cancer agents.

Conclusion: Moreover, the initiatives taken by National Cancer Laboratory, USA to improve the clinical success of nanomedicines and nanovectors have also been comprehensively summarized.

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