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Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity Evaluation of the Pyrrole-Derived Heterocycles Bearing Two Functionalities

Author(s): Wael S.I. Abou-Elmagd, Ahmed Abdel Aziz and Ahmed I. Hashem

Volume 14 , Issue 1 , 2017

Page: [137 - 142] Pages: 6

DOI: 10.2174/1570179413666160625075307

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Background: The pyrrole ring is widely spread and incorporated into the structures of many naturally occurring compounds e.g. heme, chlorophyll, vitamin B12 and the bile pigments. Pyrrolnitrin and pyoluteorin are naturally occurring pyrroles which have antibiotic activity, and the methyl ester of 4-methylpyrrole-2-carboxylic acid is an insect pheromone. Moreover, the highly successful cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor is a poly substituted pyrrole derivative.

Methods: Some novel pyrrole derivatives bearing other heterocyclic rings at positions-2 and -3 were synthesized and their antimicrobial activities were studied.

Results: A series of novel pyrrolinthione, thiazolidinone, thiazolone, tetrazole, sulphonamides derivatives have been synthesized through a facile strategy and screened for antimicrobial activities, some of the prepared compounds exhibited high antibacterial and antifungal activities compared with the standard drugs.

Conclusion: These compounds provided the impetus for most of the early work on the synthesis and reactions of pyrroles and still a very active of research. Many such explorations are anticipated in near future.

Keywords: Thione/thiol tautomer, thiazolidinone, thiazolone, tetrazole, sulphonamides, antimicrobial activity.

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