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Current Medicinal Chemistry


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Review Article

Molybdenum Metallopharmaceuticals Candidate Compounds - The “Renaissance” of Molybdenum Metallodrugs?

Author(s): Anna Jurowska, Kamil Jurowski, Janusz Szklarzewicz, Boguslaw Buszewski, Tatiana Kalenik and Wojciech Piekoszewski

Volume 23, Issue 29, 2016

Page: [3322 - 3342] Pages: 21

DOI: 10.2174/0929867323666160504103743

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Metal-based drugs, also called “metallopharmaceuticals” or “metallodrugs”, are examples of sophisticated compounds that have been used in inorganic medicinal chemistry as therapeutic agents for a long time. Few of them have shown substantially promising results and many of them have been used in different phases of clinical trials. The Mo-based metallodrugs were successfully applied in the past for treating conditions such as anemia or Wilson’s disease. Moreover, Mo complexes are supposed to exert their effect by intercalation/ cleavage of DNA/RNA, arrest of the cell cycle, and alteration of cell membrane functions. However, in the current literature, there are no reliable and in-depth reviews about the hypothetical therapeutic applications of all of the known molybdenum complexes as metallopharmaceuticals/ metallodrugs. The main emphasis was on the in-depth review of the potential applications of Mo-based complexes in medicinal chemistry as metallopharmaceuticals in treating diseases such as cancer and tumors, Wilson’s disease, diabetes mellitus, Huntington’s disease, atherosclerosis, and anemia. It must be emphasized that today the development of innovative and new Mo-based metalo-pharmaceuticals is not rapid, and hence the aim of this paper was also to inspire colleagues working in the field of Mo compounds who are trying to find “signpost” for research. The authors hope that this article will increase interest and initiate the Renaissance of Mo-compounds among medicinal inorganic chemists. This paper is the first review article in the literature that refers to and emphasizes many different and complex aspects of possible applications and capabilities of Mo-based metallodrugs.

Keywords: Cancer drugs, Huntington's disease, Inorganic medicinal chemistry, Metallodrugs, Metallopharmaceuticals, Molybdenum complexes, Wilson disease.

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